Interdisciplinary Studies Grant

The Charles Redd Center for Western Studies invites applications for interdisciplinary research grants of up to $10,000. Applications will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:
  1. Does the topic deal with the Intermountain West (defined as Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming, or any portion thereof)?
  2. Does the project include researchers representing at least three separate disciplines? (At least two of the researchers must be BYU faculty members. One researcher may be a faculty member at another university.)
  3. Is each discipline's contribution unique and integral to the project?
  4. What will be the outcome of the project?
  5. Is the budget reasonable? (The budget can include conference and publication expenses.)
  6. What else has been done on the research topic?
  7. How is this project unique?
  8. What is the feasibility of the research plan?
  9. Is the project intellectually rigorous?
Personal Information Primary applicant
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Secondary applicant
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Tertiary applicant
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Project title  
Research Questions Research Summary 0/100

Describe your research project 0/1000

List the faculty members involved and their disciplines. Define the three separate disciplines so that someone outside the field can see that they are unique. 0/300

Explain the role of each faculty member in the project. 0/300

Describe research already done on the subject. Please provide a narrative and not a listing of books. 0/300

Explain how this project is unique from other studies. 0/300

Explain the project’s significance. 0/300

Budget Information
The Redd Center will provide a maximum of $10,000. Include a detailed budget of how you will spend Redd Center funds. Although your research may cost much more, describe only how you will use the Redd Center money.

Provide an explanation of each budget category and how you determined the amount.
  • If you are driving, list number of miles and the rate you are charging per mile. We cannot guarantee that we will give you federal or institutional mileage rates.
  • If you are flying, please list where you found the airfare.
  • If you are listing lodging expenses, explain where you found the cost. Funds are limited so search for inexpensive options. The Redd Center usually gives $20 a day for per diem unless you describe a special need. The Center does not pay the federal government standard per diem. Please consider using hotel shuttles or the public transportation system rather than renting a car.
The Redd Center does not fund:
  • Capital equipment (defined as items that would be used for more than this project) without a special explanation of why the equipment is essential for your research.
  • Faculty salaries.
  • Personal salaries.
  • Childcare or other personal expenses.
  • Conference expenses.
  • Overhead
Conservative budgets are more likely to receive full funding and better ratings from the judges.

Miscellaneous Have you been funded by the Redd Center in the past? If so, which year(s)? Please list publications and/or presentations based on your Redd Center research.