John Topham and Susan Redd Butler Off-Campus Faculty Research Award

If you have additional questions about this award, please contact Amy Carlin with the Redd Center at 801-422-4048 or via e-mail at

The application deadline is 11:59 pm MST on March 15.

The Redd Center will evaluate proposals using the following criteria:
  1. How clearly and persuasively does the applicant explain and justify the research question?
  2. Does the project contribute significantly to an understanding of one or more of these states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming?
  3. Does the applicant clearly describe what else is written on the subject?
  4. Does the applicant explain how his/her study is unique and/or important in light of existing research?
  5. Does the applicant demonstrate a clear knowledge of what and where the research materials are? Does s/he clearly explain how long it will take to do the research and how the material will add to their research?
  6. What will the final products be? How valuable and accessible will the end products be?
  7. Is the budget realistic, conservative, and specific? Does the applicant explain how s/he estimated the costs (internet, call to airlines, hotels, etc.)?
Personal Information
Applicant's Mailing Address:  
Zip Code:  
Email Address:    
Title of Proposed Project:  
Research Questions In a maximum of 100 words, identify your central research question. 0/100

Elaborate on your research topic and framework. 0/300

Explain how your project increases understanding of one or more of these states:
Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, Wyoming.

What other research has been done by others on the topic? Summarize specific works. Do not simply provide a bibliography. 0/300

What makes your study unique and/or important in the context of the studies described above? 0/300

Explain how you will conduct your research.
  • Where do you plan to conduct your research?
  • What sources or materials will you use there?
  • How will this information help your address your research questions?
  • Estimate how long it will take you to use the sources or materials.
  • If you are requesting food, lodging, or other supplies for research assistants, explain what they will be doing and why their help is needed.

How do you plan to use your research (i.e. publications, presentation, exhibit, etc.)? 0/300

Budget Information
The Redd Center will provide a maximum of $3,000. Include a detailed budget of how you will spend Redd Center funds. Although your research may cost much more, describe only how you will use the Redd Center money.

Provide an explanation of each budget category and how you determined the amount.
  • If you are driving, list number of miles and the rate you are charging per mile. We cannot guarantee that we will give you federal or institutional mileage rates.
  • If you are flying, please list where you found the airfare.
  • If you are listing lodging expenses, explain where you found the cost. Funds are limited so search for inexpensive options. The Redd Center usually gives $20 a day for per diem unless you describe a special need. The Center does not pay the federal government standard per diem. Please consider using hotel shuttles or the public transportation system rather than renting a car.
The Redd Center does not fund:
  • Capital equipment (defined as items that would be used for more than this project) without a special explanation of why the equipment is essential for your research.
  • Faculty salaries.
  • Personal salaries.
  • Childcare or other personal expenses.
  • Conference expenses.
  • Overhead
Conservative budgets are more likely to receive full funding and better ratings from the judges.

Total: $
Miscellaneous Categorize your application:

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Have you been funded by the Redd Center in the past? If so, which year(s)? Please list publications and/or presentations based on your Redd Center research.

How did you hear about funding opportunities from the Charles Redd Center?

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