Senior Seminar/Capstone Project Award

Charles Redd Center Senior Seminar/Capstone Project Awards will be given each year to BYU undergraduate students who are writing a paper on some aspect of the Intermountain West (Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, or Colorado). The award is up to $500 and can be used to cover gasoline, parking, copying, bus, and/or lodging expenses.

The Redd Center will review the application and determine if the Center should provide funding. The Redd Center will consider applications at any time during the year. Applicants are required to provide a brief (no more than one page) narrative of how the funds were used, and a copy of the paper upon completion.

Please provide accurate, concise, and well-worded prose. Proofread your entire report before submission. Please limit your responses to 300 words. The application will cut your response off when you reach that limit. If you would like to complete your application in multiple sittings, click here to download a Microsoft Word format of this application. Once you have completed your application in Word, cut and paste your responses into the appropriate fields on this application and then submit.

Contact Information
Email address:    
Course Title and Number:  
Professor/Instructor's Name:  
Title of Paper:  
Application Questions Summarize your research topic (This can be either a proposal prepared for class or a 300-word description written specifically for this application)0/300

Identify and briefly describe relevant research and publications by other scholars regarding your topic. 0/300

Link your proposed research design to your research questions: explain how the funds will enable you to answer your questions. If you will be making research trips, explain what you hope to accomplish on each trip.0/300

Budget Information

Provide a Detailed Budget for this Project.

Gasoline (estimate based on the number of miles and gas mileage for your vehicle):
Parking (include only if required):
Copying (estimate the number of copies needed and the cost for those copies by the institution):
Bus (figure the number of trips on the bus or the cost of a University bus pass):
*The Redd Center will pay no more than $75 per night. Please justify why overnight lodging is necessary and indicate how the estimates were obtained. (below)
**We do not fund capital equipment, faculty wages or benefits, overhead, or conference expenses.
Budget explained Questions 0/300

Be sure to provide a detailed explanation of how you calculated the amount reported in each budgetary category in the previous question.