2021 Award Report

Please provide accurate, concise, and well-worded prose and proofread your entire report before submission. Please limit your responses to 300 words.
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Research Questions
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Please provide a brief narrative of the research you accomplished with funds received from the Charles Redd Center. 0/300

Please specify how Redd Center funds assisted you in answering your research questions or accomplishing your research/programming goals. In other words, what did you learn? 0/300

Please list publications and/or presentations based on your Redd Center research or program. 0/300

Have you given an electronic presentation based upon your research?  If so, would you be willing to send us a copy for posting on our website as a resource for teachers?  Please follow this link to attach your file.
If you were granted a Public Programming award, you may skip the next two questions; please simply type "N/A." If your research is not yet completed, what are the next steps in your research process? 0/300

What are your future plans for publication and/or presentations? To assist us in our reporting, please notify the Redd Center whenever you publish work based on your research funded by the Center. 0/300

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